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Activate are the only company in the UK to focus specifically on food grade lubricants- making us the experts. For the last 18 years, Activate lubricants have supplied many of the UK's leading food manufacturers with food safe lubricants, greases, oils and aerosols for all manner of food production applications. Our range of lubricant systems have been developed to tackle the full gamut of challenges faced by the various sectors of the food industry.

Food Safe Lubricants for All Sectors of the Food Industry

We understand the specific issues that arise in the production of meat, baked goods, cereals, dairy, seafood and food production ingredients. Our food safe lubricants are of the very highest quality and consistency, and help ensure all manner of food production facilities meet and exceed relevant food safety regulations and associated audits. Discover why so many food production companies have come to rely on our comprehensive range of food grade lubricants, greases, oils and aerosol sprays.

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Activate lubricants are the trusted lubrication solutions partner to half of the leading “Top 50” food manufacturers and the only specialist lubricant company in the UK 100% focused on the food industry.Discover more about our company


Our unique systemisation approach, high-quality synthetic products and expert application knowledge help customers reduce downtime, guarantee Audit Compliance and ultimately avoid costly product recall.Discover more about System8®

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In line with our commitment to exceptional customer service, we now offer online purchasing of all Activate Lubricants products so you can quickly top up your stock, 24 / 7 - same day delivery available!.Discover more about our products

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