Uses of Activate Food Grade Lubricant

Learn about the many and varied applications of Activate food grade lubricants within the food production industry. We have grown to become the only specialist food safe lubricant manufacturer and have nurtured valued relationships across a wide variety of food production sectors.

Our Lubricants are Trusted Across Numerous Sectors

Our products are trusted by many of the UK’s leading food producers, within segments that include meat, baked goods; cereals; dairy; seafood; ingredients; confectionary; ready meals and food packaging.

Who we help


Meet the challenge of high pressure wash-down and chemical ingress.More about meat


Overcome lubricant breakdown due to heat and dusty atmospheres.More about bakery


Eradicate wastage costs caused by heavy loads and breakdowns.More about cereals


Meet the challenge of high pressure wash-down and chemical ingress.More about dairy


Overcome salt water corrosion and cleaning chemical contamination.More about seafood


Meet challenges that include heat, fine dust and acidic ingredients.More about ingredients


Eradicate breakdowns, wastage costs and lubricant misapplication.More about confectionery

Ready meals

Eliminate issues of wash-down, component failure and contamination.More about ready meals

Food packaging

Increase plant life, improve reliability and guarantee audit compliance.More about food packaging

Avoid costly product recalls

All Activate Foodcare products are 100% safe in any food industry environment. Allied to our bespoke application management, the potential for product recall is completely eliminated.Contact us today

Reduce production downtime

Our high-quality, synthetic products greatly increase equipment lifespan and our online purchasing facility allows you to top up your oil store quickly at any time of day, helping optimise your production.Shop our products

Ensure audit compliance

Not only does our systemised approach allow for tight lubrication regimes but also means you have exactly what you need for your specific requirements, all Foodcare grade and 100% audit compliant.View our documents